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Sydney Furiuichi

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It was all about the attutide: mysterious, charming, brutally honest and against the grain of typical the “hot girl”. Sydney was perfect for this series of Polaroids and 35mm film images. Her fresh look juxtaposed with the attitude she embodied. I could picture her as the narrator of this little story. Her deeply personal recounting her conquest from the night before seems as though she is speaking to her Diary rather than a person.
The Hottest day of the Year
Venice, Ca

It was the night after, the night after and as much as  I’d like to wax poetic, it’ll suffice to say, it was either a long night or a short day?  Whatever, I never can tell these days and I’m still wearing the clothes from last night. Actually, who are you to judge? I’m wearing the clothes, the makeup, oh, and somewhere on my body I’m sure I’m wearing the guy from last night. The guy whose pants and underwear lay on my floor like my grandfather’s sub-Saharan hunting trophy.

Salvatore is crying to be let out, my dog, not the man spread all over my bed.  So I hook the leash onto his collar and shamelessly walk him down the steps of my faded 1960’s apartment, passed the kidney shaped pool. The practically radioactive LA Sunshine beats down, I’m already sweating before I get to the sidewalk so I unzip my jacket, honestly, I’m about to burst into flames as the pup finally does his business on some baby boomers rose garden. I pretend to be too absorbed in my phone to notice. Who has roses in this climate anyway?  Salvatore’s morning routine is a Karmic gift for the clearly wasteful amounts of H20 it takes to keep those blooms radiant in 105 degree heat.

Before heading back into the refuge of my apartment, I dip my hair into the over-chlorinated pool.  I turn on the kettle and stand in front of the fan, while my trophy from last night gets frisky with my ass. Since you and I are being honest with each other, I don't remember his name.

So, I look over my shoulder and half-heartedly ask “Hey, what’s your name?” He pouts.

“Don’t be hurt, I wasn’t gonna even offer you a coffee”

S  L  Quintana


About me:

We cannot change the gaze unless we are the gazers.

Growing up in Los Angeles in the 90’s I was surrounded by the stories and storytellers of Hollywood. I wanted to be part of that history, and part of the stories that shape the way we view ourselves and others. Throughout my childhood and early adulthood I very rarely saw these stories depict me, depict women that were not sterotypically beautiful, conventional or easily identifiable. Not seeing myself reflected in the cultural narrative gave me a sense of not being worth the attention of culture as a whole. I realized the only way to change this was to be the one with the creative control to create narratives that are inclusive of all people.  You see, I never want another girl to look in the mirror and think think they are not worthy of the dream.

About my work:

Telling your brand’s story through visuals is just half  of my work.  There is also the initial creative development,  planning, strategy and the careful consideration of your data and analytics. As a true left brain - right brain individual I strive to help you make the content that speaks authentically to your audience. As someone with a background in the arts I seek to put color, composition and attention to detail at the center of my work. 

I truly believe content should deepen connections and create a moment that leaves an impact longer then the .25 seconds it flashes on a screen. 

Reach out I’d love to talk to you, here about your project and help you create your story.

Culture should include all people and all types.